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Citytech Roll-Up Shutter was established in 2011, primarily to manufacture Roll up Doors and Grilles, Metal Doors,Louvers, Accordion Doors, Trusses and Other Allied Metal Products which is ideal for residential, commercial, and industrial application. Using the modern technology, machinery, and equipment, the specific requirement of design are given to ensure product excellence to provide to the comprehensive construction industry. Our technicians are assembled to observe the distinct specification for high quality, safety, ease of use, prompt delivery, and service standard. We are always seeking to improve quality, reliability, and service of our products with consistency.

MISSION: To continuously deliver the industry high quality end-product by providing innovative solution, cost-effective; customize technology that satisfies the need of our customers.

VISION: To be the leading and most trusted manufacturer driven by a spirit of excellence among our products and maintain customer’s satisfaction, prompt delivery and services.

OBJECTIVE: With our diverse team, we are committed to produce high quality products at economical costs to improve sales and to ensure the financial returns to benefit our employees. We keep the manufacturing process as efficient as possible to meet customers’ expectations by focusing on continuous sustainable safety, security, and quality of service.

Great Innovation. Great Service. Great Value.

Manufacturer of the following:

  • Roll-Up Doors and Grilles
  • Polycarbonate Roll-Up Doors
  • Steel Doors and Louvers
  • Accordion Doors
  • Steel Gates

We aim to offer you the best possible service and reliability

Having SIX YEARS in the industry, we have built up a great relationship in terms of expectations and deliverable. Our commitment is to always give the highest quality and efficiency of our service by communicating with our customers at all times.

We also provide installation and repair services of any type of roll up door. Our technicians are certified, well-trained and experienced in all door repair and installation.

24/7 Emergency Repair Services